Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello's been so long

that I have posted and no excuses, really, just real life got in the way. I'm back to dyeing fabrics and I'm taking turns saying "wow, that's great" and "I wouldn't even line a bird cage with that!" There are very talented people that I've contacted and they've been kind and sent me helpful hints, but it really a matter of plowing through.

I've been doing low-immersion dyeing, ice dyeing, regular (is there such a thing?) dyeing and let's not forget shibori.  If I was braver I would photograph my hands. Sometimes I forget the gloves even though I have several pair laying all around my dye area (also know as the laundry area).

Could this be called "multi-tasking"? I'm doing shibori on a pvc pipe and doing some "snow" dyeing. Of course, there is no snow yet so I'm using ice cubes.

I try to lightly sprinkle tiny amounts of the dye powder on the ice cubes. Some dye powders are more granular and easier to deal with than the others that like to clump together.  Note: always wear a dust mask or a respirator and gloves. Leave the container of soda ash soaked (and wrung out) fabric with the ice cubes on top for the whole day. Try to find a spot where it's at least 70 degrees or warmer. As for the shibori, I squirted dye from squeeze bottles and let it drip over a pan.  You can wrap it with Saran wrap for a few hours. It's hard not to peek, I know.

With both of these, when you are done, remember you have to rinse (and rinse) in cold water until it runs clear and then wash it (in your machine) with hot water and Sythropol. Get ready for awesome!

These are small containers and I used fat quarters kinda crammed in.

This is one result of the "snow dyeing". There is lots of great info on the internet to help us out.

Here are some good ones. The ugly and dubious went into another pile. All that white fabric under the dyed pieces will be ripped up into fat quarters and maybe I'll do some half yard pieces, too. Why not, every one needs a challenge!

Well, I'm out the door, discovered a new, fun consignment shop.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

When you have time...

check out my new blog,  however, it is still in progress so kindly give me a bit of time to get my life organized. Soon my cast will be off my foot and make things a little easier. Then I'll have cool things to show you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A new take on show & tell...

and as long as my doctor doesn't read this, I'm okay. But I think I'm safe. She'll never know that I've done the stairs a couple of times. computer was calling me and it's downstairs and there you go.

I had a recent bunionectomy (yes, that's the actual name) and I got sooo bored being on the sofa that I actually decorated the boot that covered my cast. I used magic markers that were close by and spent a few hours drawing and trying not to think of the other things that I really wanted to do.

Hopefully, I can get back to my sewing machine, etc. soon and I promise the next pics will be more interesting.
Boredom breeds creativity

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Looks like I'm on a roll...

I made a sweater vest instead of another sweater coat. Instead of using a sweater for the bodice I "made" all the fabric out of recycled wool and some cashmere that I cut and pieced and pieced and... well, you get the idea.

I really need to redo the picture because it's a little dark, but meanwhile here it is. I put a white t shirt over my dress form to make it easier to see. It ties at the waist and is a very relaxed fit. Stay tuned, I have some more ideas that just need a little space in my day to get done.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's been too long to even mention...

so I will just say "hi, it's great to be back".

Have you noticed the growing popularity in refashioned, re purposed, eco-friendly clothing? Kat Wise is very popular with her colorful sweater coats. Her coats are over the top and beautiful, and she seems to have started quite a trend. So, of course, with a newish serger that I've had a love/hate relationship with I had to try making a sweater coat.

The colors I picked aren't my usual go-to colors, but I'm happy with the results.
It's a wrap front with hooks and eyes inside, plus the tie at the waist and the two ties at the collar that are hanging. It's about 99% serged.

The hood ended up in the scrap pile and I opted for a collar instead.  The sweaters are all from the thrift shops (lotsa trips). I washed them several times on the delicate cycle. By the way, do put each sweater in a pillowcase and tie it up when you wash them because you won't believe the lint! Then I took them out of the pillowcases when I put them into the drier, also on the delicate cycle.

All the sweaters are wool and one or two ended up as a perfect sweater for a Barbie doll, but  overall they turned out great.

Actually, it's too cold to wear it right now (this is Michigan wintertime), but I have high hopes that in a few weeks the weather will be perfect.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello friends,

Let's try this again.

I have high hopes for painting fabric for a large art quilt i have in the corners of my mind. Sunny weather would be a plus. So will you stop by for a look? Love to have you.
See ya then,